1500L LED Ultra Brite Compact TS Lights - Multi-Coloured

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Elevate your holiday décor with the vibrant brilliance of our 1500 Multi-Coloured LED Lights! These captivating low-voltage LED lights are designed to infuse both indoor and outdoor settings with a festive and dynamic ambiance. Featuring 8 versatile lighting functions, including a memory feature, and a convenient 6+18-hour timer function, these lights allow you to effortlessly create a customised holiday spectacle.

Each energy-efficient bulb consumes just 0.06W/3V, ensuring a dazzling display while maintaining an eco-friendly footprint. With a generous 2.5 cm spacing between bulbs, these lights cover an expansive 37.5 metres of lit length wire, providing ample coverage for all your decorating needs. The green cable effortlessly blends with your décor, and the 300 cm power cord, equipped with a BS IP44 plug, guarantees a secure and hassle-free setup.

Mains operated for consistent and reliable performance, these lights are specifically engineered to adorn a 7ft Christmas tree, making them the ideal choice for enhancing your holiday decorations. Illuminate your holidays with a kaleidoscope of Colours and create cherished memories with these Multi-Coloured LED lights.

Set Includes:
1 x 1500L LED Ultra Brite Compact Lights

Product Features:
• Number of Bulbs: 1500 Multi-Coloured LED Lights
• Functions: 8 Lighting Functions with Memory Feature
• Timer: 6+18 Hour Timer Function
• Rated Voltage: 31V 50Hz
• Lighting Type: Low Voltage LED Lights with 2.5 cm Spacing
• Cable Colour: Green
• Power Cord Length: 300 cm
• Plug Type: BS IP44 Plug
• Power Source: Mains Operated
• Usage: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Product Dimensions:
• Wire Length: 37.5 metres (lit length)
• Lead Wire Length: 3 metres

Ideal for decorating 7ft Christmas Trees.
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