Portable Charcoal Grill Cover

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Keep your Masterbuilt® Portable Charcoal Grill safe from the elements with this sturdy, water-resistant cover. Designed to protect your investment from sun, rain, sleet, and snow, the cover is made with rugged, water-resistant material that includes a UV-resistant coating to prevent fading and increase the cover's lifespan. Inside, the cover features an added PVC liner that prevents tearing, while double-stitched seams prevent leaking. Buckles are also included to help secure the cover in place when installed.

Product Features:
• Durable, double stitched seams to prevent leaking, keeping your grill looking new and protected from the elements
• Added interior PVC liner that prevents tearing when removing or putting the cover on the grill
• UV-resistant coating prevents fading of the cover and adjustable straps keep it in place when grill is covered
• Compatible with the Masterbuilt® Portable Charcoal Grill